Whatsapp Top 10 Features of 2019

By | January 30, 2019

Since its establishment, Whatsapp is considered to be one of the most reliable Messenger services for smartphones. This Messenger app is constantly collecting new members and after its acquisition by Facebook, the app is known to grow faster than any spec.

Throughout the year 2018, this app was subjected to many new features, making it more attractive for its users. And in 2019, the Messenger service will eventually get a bigger upgrade to keep existing users happy and attract more users on the platform. Many of these characteristics have been known through leaks and rumors. We take a look at all who come on whatsapp.

Whatsapp, the Facebook-based instant messaging platform, introduced new features to improve the overall user experience. We have seen many features for Whatsapp during the year 2018. These features include stickers, picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, group video calling and more. However, the company is still trying to improve the user experience for users. Here’s a list of features that are expected to be rolled over in WhatsApp in 2019

Top 1o Whatsapp New Features 2019

Media Preview Feature

Currently, WhatSafe allows you to view and reply to the message directly from the notification bar. It makes it easy to not open the app to answer you.

But in the new feature of Media Preview in WhatSeePep You will be able to view photo audios and video previews through Notification Bar, like Text Message in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

The new features of Whatsapp, which are very interesting, are Dark Mode. Those people who chat in the night do not need to reduce the brightness to zero. They will turn dark mode into the Whatsapp app where they make the text contrast to the background brightened.

Consecutive Voice Messages

There are more new features in WhatsApp even if you are not using your phone or are not responding to the call for some reason. You get voice messages, the new Whatsapp feature will allow you to play all the voices messages in the list without any breaks. It is not clear whether all messages of multiple contacts will be played jointly or all messages of one contact will be run. But possibly by pushing on the user to decide the sender, 1 option will be pushed.

Group Call Shortcut In WhatsApp

Another whitspeed is related to the new feature group call. Whatsapp is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) service, when you already call someone with such a person, you can add new people to group audio / video calls. While the new feature will allow you to pre-decision those participants you want in a group call. Then you can call the group after pressing the call button.

This feature is also available for group chat. When you open a group there is a plus sign through which you can decide which partner you want a group call.

Qr Code Scanner

With this new WhatsApp feature, you will be able to share the contact by scanning the QR code. But to enjoy this Whatsapp feature you need the latest version of Android.

However, the use of QR codes on whatsapp is not new. We already scan a QR code to launch the web version of WhatSepE through our smartphone

Private Replies In Group

This upcoming Whatsapp will enable you to send a personal reply to a Whitsap Group. Thank God, it was really needed.

Now you can chat with a Whitsap Group member, and other group members can not see your conversation.

This WhatsApp feature is introduced for users using Android Beta version 2.18.355.

Multiple Voice Messages

Before that you had to click on a number of voice messages that you used to listen for continuously. Now just click on a voice message and they will run one by one.

Also, when a voice message is over, Whatsapp will play short audio. His short audio will tell you that a voice message has been completed and now the next game will be played.

This WhatsApp feature will be launched in the iOS Beta version 2.18.100 and for Android users version 2.18.362.

Group Call Shortcut

One of the most anticipated features of Whatsapp is a group call shortcut.

The app will have a standalone button for group calling. This button can only be used for group chat. When you click on the Group Call button, the Whatsapp app will display a list of your contacts. You just have to select the friends you want to call. After that, you have to tap the voice or video call button.

This new Whatsapp feature will also be seen on the iOS beta version.

Ranking Of Whatsapp Contacts

This new feature of Whatsapp will rank contacts based on your interaction. These interactions include audio, video, call or chat with that particular contact. This feature will be available very soon for iOS Beta users.

Audio/Video In Notifications

In the current version of Whatsapp, you can see your message. Apart from this, you can also reply directly to them. But you still need to open WhatsApp to view images, audio, and video whatsapp content. Upcoming Whatsapp updates will ensure that you also see such content in the notifications.

Ultimate Feature Of Whatsapp

To control fraud and false messages in WhatsAppSet groups, What’s App took this moral responsibility to launch its ultimate feature because WhatsApp messages caused some riots and miserable events had to offer this feature .

This new feature from Whatsapp will help Whitsap Group Admin decide who can send messages to groups and who does not. This feature is still in the testing phase on its beta version because it will decide who can change the name and description of the group. Members of those blacklisted groups will only become viewers and will not be able to do any activity in the group.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the best instant messaging app in the world. With unmatched popularity, it needs to be constantly expanded to meet the ever-increasing demands of users.

I hope you will use these new WhatsApp features and will not be able to spread any wrong information. If you like articles, then share it with your friends and family.

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