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By | February 1, 2019

Welcome Friends Aap sabhi ka hindiaid.com par swagat hai. aaj ke es post me hum aapke sath Instagram Bio in Hindi And Instagram Bio in English Shear karne wale hai. jo aapko bhaut pasand aaenge aur hum aapke sath hindi aur engligh dono hi language me bios shear karenge jisse aap apne instagram account ko apni pasand se modify kar sakte hai.

Bio For Instagram For Boy Attitude

♛ Indian ♛? Sallu Bhai ?? Dodo fan ?? Boom Boom Lalla ?? Crazy ?? Madness ?? Love ?? Relation ?? July best day ???? Your Name ???

?KIΠG Θf Iηstαgrαℳ
♔Θffίcίαl Δccouηt
?I LΘvε FitηεsS
? lifε stylε
ΔlωαyΧ uηίquξ Shoot
?Ι Ηαtε LΘvε
?FrΘm Ιηdία??

?Mom First kiss on 14july
aa & Papa & love u
?No attitude?
?No Ego?
Shirley Setia
Respect for girls

Best Instagram Bio To Get Followers

?KIΠG Θf Iηstαgrαℳ
♔Θffίcίαl Δccouηt
?I LΘvε FitηεsS
? lifε stylε
ΔlωαyΧ uηίquξ Shoot
?Ι Ηαtε LΘvε
?FrΘm Ιηdία

? Fashion blogger ?? Modasa (Gujarat) ?? BIRTH DAY?? 22 April ?? Papa ki Pari ?? Dream girl??? ?


?Looking smart ??Crazy ? boy ??Ae ? He Mushkil ??Born on 1. April ??Always h@¶¶¥ ??No @TT!tud£ ? माँ का Lal ?

?Mυrder 4 jυɴe??Meιɴ ғαɴ “vιrαт ĸoнlι” dι??Mαнαĸαl ĸι deewαɴι??Pυɴjαвι ѕoɴɢ lover??Bнυĸĸαd ɴo.1??Sнerɴι мp10 wααlι??%शिवाнolιc?


  • You need to press that follow button to know my story. 
  • Turn that blue follow button to white. 
  • I am on a journey of life. Wanna come? Ahhgg! Press that follow button then. 
  • Every moment you’re with me can turn into a big surprise. 
  • There’s a graveyard in my mouth, filled with words that die on my lips. 
  • You see, Every one has a story but mine is a mystery.
  • I am another beautiful dream that you cannot fulfill. 
  • I am like that beautiful river than can raise a tsunami when broken. 
  • Be like that wind that can turn into a tornado. 
  • Let them say it and be busy slaying it. 
  • Funny! How sometimes you just find things. 
  • In a relationship? Nah! I am in a flirtationship. 
  • Too busy to be upset. 
  • Every day brings an opportunity to do something legendary. 
  • Live a life where happiness is a precondition. 
  • He was my shadow and was always with me but then arrived the darkness. 
  • Needs can be satiated but greed cannot. Love can be satiated but lust cannot. 
  • Even math has some problems with it then how can you expect your life to not be problematic? 
  • Wherever I go and whenever I go, I just want to spread sparkling happiness around. 
  • Decency is my jewel. 
  • I don’t wanna be anyone’s sun but I want to be that moon who makes one’s darkest nights bright. 
  • Loneliness is another fear that will never let me down. 
  • I’ve through the darkest and sleepless night to reach my brightest days. 
  • Life would suck without friends and adventure. 
  • The monster is running wild inside of me 
  • I’m Faded 
  • I just don’t walk on the clouds of my dreams, I turn them into reality. 
  • Hatred is another weapon that I am not trained to use. 
  • I am no one to harm you. I’ll let karma fuck you. 
  • I am another precious stone whose importance is yet not discovered. 
  • Travelling the world lets me discover myself. 
  • My craziness is not everyone’s cup of tea. 
  • I am walking on the never ending path of success. 
  • Negative Vibers!! Go fuck yourself. 
  • We all are a little broken but life won’t stop anyway. 
  • Spreading love and happiness won’t be an uneasy task anyway. 
  • I am person who is brave, strong and broken at the same time.
  • And if you’re the force that can break my heart and ruin myself, I won’t ever let you enter in my small world. 
  • Regretting things won’t fix them back. So smile and shine. 
  • My attitude is my approach 
  • I don’t care about your opinion. 

Best Cute Instagram Bios

  • Goodness is another bitch that will let you fall in this evil world. 
  • Love makes one’s heart weak and weakness can never be my trait. 
  • God made this world so beautiful and one of his beautiful creating is the one you are stalking right now on instagram. 
  • Why to be sane and waste this life when you can totally rock the floor of craziness? 
  • What’s the guarantee that whatever I’m gonna post on this bio is truth? 
  • Cry a river. Build a bridge. Walk over it. 
  • Let’s thank the God for we are lived yesterday and are living today. 
  • When it rains, look for rainbow and whenever there’s darkness around, look for stars. 
  • A whole new life is waiting for you to step ahead. 
  • Normality is like a paved road. It’s comfortable to walk on but no flowers grow on it. 
  • Sometimes, we can’t find the things that can make us happy because we can’t let go of the things that were supposed to. 
  • Smiling and dreaming won’t cost money. So, I expertise in both of them. 
  • Sunshine is just a step away from the dark clouds and so is happiness from the pain. 
  • What I’m supposed to do with the fake attitude? Lose life or something?!
  • I’ll fall for almost hundred times and will rise like dawn for the hundred and first time. 

Best Creative Instagram Bios

  • Loyalty ● Dignity ● Morals ● A good heart ● A good character. 
  • An imperfect mess with a smile which is priceless and a body which is heartless. 
  • Another start. Another beginning. Another fall and yet another rise. 
  • Stop running and start living. 
  • You may have seen a lot of beautiful faces but here’s a beautiful soul waiting for you. 
  • Let’s live to experience a fall and a rise, births and demise, beginnings and ends, real happiness and the happiness we pretend. 
  • Let’s live all of it. 
  • It’s alright not to know the answers. They’ll come to you someday. 
  • I am the one who can give you surprises and shocks at the same. 
  • I am that magical wind that can turn into a storm when broken.
  • Be crazy. Be happy. Be weird. Be you. 
  • We met for a reason. Either you are blessing or a lesson. 
  • Whenever I turn around, I see the way I broke myself and transformed into a new soul. 
  • Hearts get hurt. They broke. They get fixed and the cycle gets repeated. 
  • Stay strong when times are tough, cause even God will realize that the time is for happiness and you had enough. 
  • Society will judge you for the way you dress, talk, walk, smile, cry, live, breathe and for much more. Sometimes, you need to ignore. 
  • Find a reason to smile, cherish, to be happy, to live and to love. 
  • Dream big, work hard, stay focused and live a life no one can even think of. 
  • Positivity is the route to happiness. 
  • I tear every wound I have and let the stronger me come out and live. 
  • Every one is here to play a role and I’m the one who sprinkles happiness all around. 
  • Crave your heart until you don’t tear and throw away the pain that lets you down. 
  • Less care. Less stress. 
  • I am trying a little more to be a better person until my expiry date comes. 
  • Lust won’t last and love won’t end. 
  • Flowing with life like a river. 
  • Where I would go and where I would live is known by just the Almighty. 
  • I am another free soul who is just living, laughing, loving. 
  • Isn’t it strange that happiness is around and still you keep on finding it at distant places? 
  • Why to cry over stones when you can get a diamond? 
  • Not a worrier. 
  • Let’s leave what’s left behind and relive. 

I Hope humare ye bios pasand aaye honge yadi ha to plzz apne frnds ke sath shear karna na bhule.

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